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Located right on the 45th parallel and blessed with a myriad of rich mineral soils along with auspicious micro-climates, Romania is a wine connoisseur’s paradise and a great introduction to the world of wines, at the same time!

With a wine-making tradition going back millennia, Romania offers its visitors the chance to sample and explore a large diversity of wine-making regions, each with its unique microclimate, soil type, and traditions, which all help give Romanian wines their unmistakable magic!

From the sunny plateaus of Dobrogea to the rolling hills of Moldova, from the Transylvanian sub-Carpathian slopes to the dry lowlands of Oltenia, you will taste some of the world’s best wines and meet great people who have preserved and embraced their heritage like in no other place, meet the Romanians who still squash the grapes with their bare feet, in a country where most rural households still have their own vineyard, and where wine-making is still a family affair!
All this against the backdrop of countless valuable natural, cultural, and historical sites, accompanied by some of the world’s tastiest food and led by some of the best tour leaders and sommeliers in the business!

Let us paint this incredible and complete picture of Romania for you, or better yet, let’s paint it together!

Wine Tours Romania is managed and operated by Top Tours Romania – inbound tour operator established in Bucharest in 2012 – www.toptours.ro

Romanian grape varieties

From ancient times till present, discover the grape varieties that will delight your senses. We will create the entire journey around your requirements.

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